Data for: The Effect of Issue Linkage on Cooperation in Bilateral Conflicts: An Experimental Analysis

Published: 02-03-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6vsvptct74.1
Eyal Ert,
Ariel Dinar,
Shier Cohen-Amin


Subjects play 2 games in either "Isolated" or "Linked" condition. Variables Explained: Period- 30 periods per game. In the isolated condition people play game1 then game 2 in each period. Subject - Subject ID within a session Group - Group ID choice - choice of player within each period. In the isolated condition: 0/1 1=cooperate. in linked condition 1 = cooperate in both games, 2 = cooperate in 1st and defect in 2nd, 3 = defect in 1st cooperate in 2nd, and 4 = defect in both games. partnerchoice = the choice of the player's matched partnet in that period partner - the player selected as partner for the 30 periods player - player's ID raffle - to decide final payment cond - conditions: "Isolated" or "Linked" session - session ID TimeDecision FinalPay - defined by the payoff given for one randomly selected period