The relative importance of ski resort- and weather-related characteristics when going alpine skiing: data from a rating-based conjoint survey

Published: 8 June 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6w4tzrs3yw.1
Erik Haugom,


The data are related to two research articles: “The relative importance of ski resort-and weather-related characteristics when going alpine skiing” [1] and “Optimal pricing of alpine ski passes in the case of crowdedness and reduced skiing capacity” [2]. A rating-based conjoint survey experiment on active alpine skiers at a big ski area located in Inland Norway was performed in February of 2018 to collect the data and pertain to 400 respondents doing more than 7200 ratings. A total of ten versions of the same questionnaire type were used to obtain information about preferences on ski resort- and weather-related characteristics when going alpine skiing. We display the raw data organized such that they can be easily downloaded and used directly to either (1) replicate the analyses performed in the related research articles, or (2) run one’s own analyses on the topic of interest. The data may also be useful to lecturers teaching students about the key concepts of survey experiments and causal modelling.



Leisure-Time Physical Activity, Recreation Industry, Leisure Management