Human Development Index Data on Iran: ANFIS Systems Approach with Differential Evolution Algorithm

Published: 11 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6wtpd6kjs5.1
saeed iranmanesh


United Nations data were used for the Human Development Index data. The organization collects specific data from around the world every year and makes it public. One of the data collected by the United Nations is the Human Development Index. These data show poverty rates in countries. The ratio of rural population ratio is calculated as a percentage of the total population of a country by WDI for different countries of the world. Per capita GDP is calculated by WDI. To obtain these data, the country's GDP is divided by the total population. Data on the CPI have also been released by the WDI for public use. World Bank Good Governance Indicators were used to extract future data. These data include the ranking of corruption control in Iran and the ranking of government effectiveness in Iran. The Heritage Foundation's economic freedom indices were used for data in the Iranian Property Rights Index and the Commercial Liberalization Index. These data are all in the period 1996-2017 and annually.



Macroeconomics, Urban Economics, Development of Economics