A study of MapToCleave: high-throughput profiling of microRNA biogenesis in living cells. Kang et al. : Count table of MapToCleave hairpins tested in HEK and NIH 3T3 cells

Published: 9 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6xtgkhsbds.1
Wenjing Kang


count_table_of_MapToCleave_hairpins_in_HEK_and_NIH3T3.txt, Related to Figure 1. The RNA and DNA expression of hairpins in human HEK-293T and mouse NIH/3T3 cells, which was measured as described in the method section “MapToCleave sequence data quality control and pre-processing”. The sample ID provides information on cell type, replicate number, mock or transfection, transfection concentration, the amount of RNA materials for Illumina library preparation, with or without FACS sorting and RNA or DNA counts. For example, the sample ID “HEK_R1_mock_0x_1000ng_NOR.sRNA” means that the sample is from human HEK-293T cells, replicate 1, mock, 0 transfection concentration, 1000ng RNA materials were used for library preparation, without FACS sorting and RNA counts.



Stockholms Universitet


MicroRNA, RNA Structure, RNA Sequencing