Using Haiku To Help Understand Pictures

Published: 14 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/6z53553vks.1
Stuart Oring Stuart Oring


My research hypothesis is based on my prior findings that nearly any Synchronicity System is capable of adding to our insight concerning a picture because of the associations it arouses in our mind. I have experimented with the use of the I Ching for years and developed systems for using it that have greatly widened my understanding of pictures--including the mental atmosphere surrounding a photographer at the time a photograph was made. I wanted to experiment using this same idea with the Japanese Haiku in order to see if a synchronicity approach at arriving at a particular Haiku might reveal something about a particular photographic image if a photograph was selected and contemplated and then contemplated while selecting a Haiku which had been chosen by random number generation.


Steps to reproduce

I arrived at my data by selecting a fine art photograph, a good book of Japanese Haiku that allowed me to give each Haiku a number so that I could use a random number generator in order to select a Haiku, and a good Symbol Dictionary. The specific information and procedure can be found in the paper itself along with photographs used and the results.


Art, Photography, Fine Arts