MoLa R8.7k InCar Dataset

Published: 14-09-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/724c998h9c.1
João Borges,
Sandro Queirós,
Bruno Oliveira,
Helena Torres,
Nelson Rodrigues,
Victor Coelho,
Johannes Pallauf,
José Henrique Brito,
José Mendes,
Jaime C. Fonseca


This repository presents the dataset described in the article "A system for the generation of in-car human body pose datasets", published in Machine Vision and Applications (2019). The repository includes the complete real dataset used for training, validation and testing. To ease its use, a general README file is provided, explaining the structure of an individual sub-dataset. For evaluation indexing purposes, a .mat indexing file (MoLa R8.7K InCar Dataset) is provided for each of the sub-datasets (train, validation and test). For visualization purposes, a toolbox is provided in MATLAB code that reads the .mat indexing file, as well as the associated dataset folder (MoLa R8.7K InCar Dataset) and generates an animation with image and ground-truth.