The effect of the erection of the Aswan High Dam on the increase in the lightning intensity in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea

Published: 17 April 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/72997zptdg.2
Mustafa Asfur


This dataset contains the results of experiments designed to test the effect of changes un Mediterranean seawater salinity and corresponding changes ub total alkalinity on the intensity of an electrical spark discharged into the water surface (LFI). The data includes the results of a number of experiments that tested the the dependence of LFI on different levels of salinity that were obtained by additions of deionized water (dilution) and NaOH to Mediterranean seawater samples, followed by bubbling of the seawater with CO2 and resulting in consecutive decreases in pH. The results of these experiments show that LFI is positively dependent on the salinity and total alkalinity of seawater and negatively dependent on pH.



Ruppin Academic Center