Comparative study of two typical fore-main-aftershock sequences on Chinese mainland

Published: 6 June 2022| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/72kpw79ycj.3
Xinglin Lei,
, Changrong He, Kaiying Wang


The data set contains following files 1) Description.docx Word file for description of the dataset and references. 2) HC_hypoDD.reloc Relocated earthquake catalogue in Haicheng area from 2016 through 2020. 2) HC_catalog_M1.eqt Catalogue of the Haicheng earthquake sequence. 3) YB_merged.eqt Merged catalogue of the Yangbi earthquake sequence including relocated and detected event by the M&L method. 4) 2021_05_18_13_39_M3.9.sacs Waveform of the main event in the first foreshock cluster. 5) 2021_05_19_12_05_M4.6.sacs Waveform of the main event in the second foreshock cluster. 6) 2021_05_21_13_21_M5.6.sacs Waveform of the largest foreshock. 7) 2021_05_21_13_48_M6.4.sacs Waveform of the mainshock of the Yangbi earthquake. 8) 2021_05_21_14_31_M5.2.sacs Waveform of the largest aftershock.



Seismology, Spatial Earthquake Pattern, Temporal Earthquake Pattern, Geological Structure