Corpus of Turkish English Exam Scripts (TEES)

Published: 6 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/72x973vn44.1


The Turkish English Exam Scripts (TEES, hereafter) corpus is a learner corpus based on the exam scripts compiled by Akbas and Olcu-Dincer in 2019 at Erciyes University in Turkey for research purposes, which is expected to contribute to teaching plans and practices of L2 learners, especially for the Turkish ones, both in local and international contexts. Not only can the examination of TEES provide us a better understanding of the interlanguage issues (i.e. grammar, vocabulary choice) but also it can allow the practitioners and researchers aiming to develop materials and design tasks for language classes by taking performances of L2 users. The corpus includes ''136 exam scripts'' written by freshman Turkish speakers of English at tertiary level whose proficiency level ranges from intermediate to upper intermediate. The following 'rar file' includes all the texts with unique identification codes as well as two other subfolders: (1) Texts categorized by the exams (Midterm and Final) and (2) Texts categorized by the proficiency of learners in L2 Grammar class labelled as High Achievers, Mid Achievers, Low Achievers. To exemplify, the unique identification code M_HA_001_053 for a text refers to a Midterm paper of a high achiever with unique informant number of 001. The last three digits (053) refer to the unique file number.



Erciyes Universitesi


English Language, English Grammar, Writing in English