Pedagogical initiatives indicating the course attainments dataset

Published: 1 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/73nm57fg84.1


The measurement of course attainment is one of the key aspects of the OBE model. The course outcome is assessed and evaluated at the end of each course because of which most of the time the concerned faculty falters to take corrective action on time. This paper presents a simplified but robust approach for the measurement of the course attainment as an assessment tool. It can be used while delivering the course and can be easily calculated. This will allow the faculty members to quickly tweak (if required) the teaching and learning methodology meeting the required course outcome. In the absence of the method as discussed in the paper, the process of measurement of course attainment is seen more as a post processing method, as it is calculated at the end of the completion of the course. The input required to indicate the course attainments are: Target value, University norms for the allocation of grades, list and number of assessment tools and count of students. It provides the gross course attainment independent of course outcome level. The data types used are nominal, interval and ordinal.


Steps to reproduce

The data is collected for the students of PSIT college of Engineering being part of various programs of study like Civil, Mechanical, Computer Science, Information Technology and Electronic and communication for various courses offered by the faculty members at all levels of study from first year to final year in an UG program of study.


APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University


Educational Innovation, Academic Assessment, Targeting, Accreditation