Data for "Effectiveness of Crowdsourcing as a Support for Public Safety"

Published: 3 October 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/73v2m9tn24.2


This is the compilation of the results of a Delphi panel with 29 members of the judiciary police aimed at investigating the effectiveness of a crowdsourcing platform as a supporting tool for public safety. The research context was Fortaleza, Brazil. After these results were gathered and organized, we performed a multidimensional scaling. This multivariate analysis technique enables the visualization of the differences (or euclidian distance) among the variables assigned (number of answers agreement, neutral or disagreement) to the observations (the 15 items). After this procedure, the graphics provided show how close the items with more consensus are and others that stand out as uncertain, that is, with low levels of consensus.


Steps to reproduce

1) Delphi panel with the 15 items based on a literature review on the implementation of a crowdsourcing platform; 2) Data organization: 1 column for items, 1 column for the number of items "disagreed", 1 column for the number of items "neutral", 1 column for the number of items "agreed"; 3) multidimensional scaling procedures with the use of SPSS (euclidian distance).


Universidade de Fortaleza


Management, Public Administration, Safety