Data from: Validity and reliability of peak tibial accelerations as real-time measure of impact loading during over-ground rearfoot running at different speeds

Published: 22 February 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/73wjmpf9kr.1
Pieter Van den Berghe


This dataset contains processed data (time series, peak values) of axial and resultant peak tibial accelerations along the speed range of over-ground endurance running. File "*_Metrics". The analyzed metrics of the impact loading measures for each participant in each running condition. Pre: first session (test), post: second session (retest), APTA: axial peak tibial acceleration, RPTA: resultant peak tibial acceleration, VLR: instantaneous vertical loading rate of the ground reaction force. Subject names have been abbreviated to preserve confidentiality. The columns 'APTA', 'RPTA', 'VLR' contain values rounded up to one decimal place. File "*_TibialAcceleration". Time Series. Individual but averaged time series of axial (Axial ACC) and resultant (Resultant ACC) tibial accelerations across the stance phase of running gait.



Universiteit Gent Vakgroep Bewegings- en Sportwetenschappen


Biomechanics, Locomotion, Sports Injury, Sport, Accelerometer