Datasets on CFRP specimens after low-velocity impact tests: 8-layer cross-ply laminates

Published: 5 April 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/74t7kcdgkr.1
Saki Hasebe, Ryo Higuchi, Tomohiro Yokozeki, Shin-ichi Takeda


This dataset is developed to study carbon fiber reinforced plastics laminates after low-velocity impact tests. It is related to a Data in Brief article, which describes the experiment in detail, and the main article on how the authors used the datasets. The low-velocity impact test was conducted with various impact conditions, changing the impactor shape, the impact energy and the stacking sequence, which generates barely visible impact damage. This dataset is on 8 layer cross-ply laminates. See the other Mendeley data URLs to find the data on the other stacking sequences. “impacted surface image” folder: The impacted surface image (78.933mm * 78.933mm) “internal damage” folder: The c-scanning image after the impact. Each scale is on the image. “non-impacted surface image” folder: The non-impacted surface image (78.933mm * 78.933mm) “surface profile” folder: The surface profile of the impacted surface. (78.933mm * 78.933mm) “impact condition_c8.xlsx”: The impact condition.



Uchu Koku Kenkyu Kaihatsu Kiko Honsha Chofu Kuko Uchu Center Hikojo Bunshitsu, Tokyo Daigaku Daigakuin Kogakukei Kenkyuka Kogakubu


Composite Material, Carbon Fiber, Impact Testing