Spectra for 208Pb(alpha, alpha') taken with the Q3D magnetic spectrograph at MLL Garching (Germany) in 1992

Published: 17-11-2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/74vjtg3tzr.2
Andreas Heusler,
Ulrich Atzrott


Spectra for 208Pb 208Pb(alpha, alpha') taken with E= 40.4 MeV with the Q3D magnetic spectrograph. The detector had five layers read out separately, an1 and an2 for anode-1 anode-2, cat1 and cat2 for cathode-1 cathode-2, foc for focal plane. The distance between the wires was about 10 cm - in between the focal plane. Strong peaks from contaminations of 12C and 16O were erased by inserting a metal foil before the detector. Original raw data roh_1992.tgz with listing in roh_1992.listing.pdf Data files in DAT_1992.tgz with listing in DAT_1992.listing.pdf In 2015 an essay was done to analyze some spectra by GASPAN. They are roughly calibrated by Nuclear Data Sheets 2007 Files needed for evaluation with GASPAN in GSPwork_2015.tgz Spectra fitted by GASPAN in EPS_aa2015.tgz with list in EPS_aa2015.listing.pdf Short protocol of data in protocol.aa1992