Data on the Design of Solar Assisted District Cooling Systems

Published: 26 January 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/754wphy77k.3
Dana Alghool,


Part of the data is collected on the main components of the solar assisted district cooling system. While the other part of the data is collected on parameters related to the system's components . The data of the system components includes, solar collectors unit price ($/m2), type, and efficiency; absorption chiller capacity (kW), type, initial cost ($), and COP; the hot/chilled water thermal energy storage tank type, initial cost ($) and capacity (kWh); and auxiliary boiler initial cost ($), capacity (kW), type and efficiency. While, the other part of the data is collected on hourly cooling demand over the year for state of Qatar (kW), hourly global solar irradiance over the year for state of Qatar (W/m2) and variable cost of producing and storing chilled and hot water ($/kWh, $/kW). The data are collected from different resources such as government website, commercial websites, government sectors, journals and real-life case studies. The value of this data comes from that most of the data required to conduct such research in this area are available in one resource. Also, some of the data such as the annual hourly cooling demand and global solar radiation are not available online. Moreover, the collected data are already filtered and the units are consistent and ready to be used. Finally, the data which considered to be crucial and the core of such research are available in this paper. This data is cited in: Alghool, Dana; Elmekkawy, Tarek; Haouari, Mohamed; Elomri, Adel (2020), “Data of the design of solar assisted district cooling systems”,



Qatar University


Boiler, Thermal Energy Storage, Solar Radiation, Cooling, Solar Thermal Energy, Solar Energy, District Cooling System