Data for Lake Bonny Figures

Published: 10 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/75f9f7sr7d.1
Paul Volante


This file contains the data used in Figures 2 - 6, and the tabs in the file are named accordingly. Figure 2 contains the abundance of zinc, total lead, and excess lead-210 in the Lake Bonny core. Figure 3 contains the raw data used in the serac model (left) and the age model produced by the serac piecewise CRS model (right). Figure 4 contains the radium-226 activity and phosphorous abundance in the core. Figure 5 contains the loss on ignition value, total mass accumulation rate, organic and mineral mass accumulation rates, and the population of Lakeland, Florida. Figure 6 contains the radium-226 activity and water pumpage values for Lakeland, Florida over time.



Auburn University, College of William and Mary


Heavy Metal, Limnology, Environmental Pollution, Natural Radionuclides, Dating with Short-Lived Extinct Radionuclides