Published: 27 September 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/75vdm7phv9.1
Rodrigo Otavio Araujo


Randomized controlled trial comparing two neoadjuvant chemotherapy regimes for locally advanced rectal cancer. Stage II and III rectal cancer patients were randomized to receive neoCRT with either capecitabine (Group 1) or 5-Fu and leucovorin (Group 2) concomitant to long course radiotherapy. Clinical downstaging was accessed using MRI 6-8 weeks after treatment. EORTCs QLQ C30 and CR38 were applied before treatment (T0), after neoCRT (T1), after rectal resection (T2), early after adjuvant chemotherapy (T3), and one year after end of treatment or stoma closure (T4). Wexner scale was used for continence evaluation at T4. A C30SummaryScore (Geisinger et cols) was calculated to compare QOL results.


Steps to reproduce

Data was proscpectively colected in a randomized trial. IHC tests were performed lately after informed consent and compard to outcome for survival analysis.


Instituto Nacional de Cancer


Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Rectal Cancer, Surgical Oncology, Quality of Life, Randomized Clinical Trial