Published: 6 March 2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/766ygrbt8y.3
Mourad KENK


DAWN (Detection in Adverse Weather Nature) dataset consists of real-world images collected under various adverse weather conditions. This dataset emphasizes a diverse traffic environment (urban, highway and freeway) as well as a rich variety of traffic flow. The DAWN dataset comprises a collection of 1000 images from real-traffic environments, which are divided into four sets of weather conditions: fog, snow, rain and sandstorms. The dataset is annotated with object bounding boxes for autonomous driving and video surveillance scenarios. This data helps interpreting effects caused by the adverse weather conditions on the performance of vehicle detection systems. Also, it is required by researchers work in autonomous vehicles and intelligent visual traffic surveillance systems fields. All the rights of the DAWN dataset are reserved and commercial use/distribution of this database is strictly prohibited.



Artificial Intelligence, Object Detection, Object Recognition, Traffic Management System, Surveillance, Computer Vision Algorithms, Automated Vehicle, Autonomous Vehicle