A diagnostic model of AS based on lipid data sets of APOE-/- mice at different ages

Published: 28 November 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/768cnbddtr.1
Huanhuan Wang


This data is the test results of serum lipid metabolites in ApoE-/- mice and C57BL/6 mice fed with normal diet at different ages ( 8W, 12W, 16W, 20W, 24W, 28W, 32W). 8WC57 represents the 8-week-old The peak area of C57BL/6mice lipid metabolites, 8WAP represents the peak area of lipid metabolites in 8-week-old ApoE-/- mice, with 10 replicates in each group, and other sample names are analogous. After pre-processing the raw mass spectrometric data by removing the background noise, peak extraction, deconvolution, peak alignment, alignment, merging, and noise removal after peak merging, gap filling, data export using the data mining software MZmine 2.10, we identified 732 lipid components. Area represents the peak area. The NAME line represents the name of the lipid metabolite. QC samples are quality control samples that are mixed with several samples as a constant standard, and 2 QCs are taken every 20 samples.



Lipidomics, Atherosclerosis