River water level height measurements obtained from river cameras near Tewkesbury

Published: 14 September 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/769cyvdznp.1
Sanita Vetra-Carvalho,


This dataset contains extracted water level observations (WLOs) from four river cameras located on rivers Severn and Avon near Tewkesbury, UK, and owned by Farson Digital Ltd The data is extracted from hourly daylight river camera images between 21st Nov – 5th Dec 2012. The dataset consists of spreadsheets containing extracted water level data for each camera along with necessary metadata, all available Farson Digital Ltd river camera images between 21st Nov – 5th Dec 2012, and 3D point measurements of the location of each camera and locations of all measured points in the field-of-view for each camera.


Steps to reproduce

The water level observation data was extracted manually looking at the images and correlating the closest measured point in the field-of-view of the camera to the water level in the image. Knowing the 3D coordinates of other measured points in the field-of-view of the image allows us to assign an uncertainty for each WLO value we extracted. We exclude the data where the uncertainty would have been higher than +/-25cm. There are times especially at the beginning and end of the data window (i.e. for dates 21, 22, 23 of November 2012 and 2,3,4,5 December 2012) where for some of the cameras there are no extracted WLOs when river is in bank, in particular Diglis Lock camera. This is due to the lack of distinct markers in the field-of-view of the camera when river is in bank. The 3D accurate point locations in the field-of-view of each camera as well as accurate 3D location of the camera itself were measured by two instruments: Leica Total Station (TS12) and Leica GNSS (CS10/15). Data has not been altered nor normalised in this data set.


University of Reading


Hydrology, Urban Flooding, Flood, River, Earth Observation