Bilinear response in paper-silicone composite material

Published: 11 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/76k73h96r6.1
David Ellis


Raw data measured while performing tensile testing of silicone-paper composite materials using a MTS Criterion test frame and LaVision Digital Image Correlation. This is a data repository for a paper that develops and tests a material with a bilinear tensile response for potential use in soft pneumatic actuators. It contains strain-load data in the longitudinal and transverse directions for three different crimp ratios and four replicates of each ratio.


Steps to reproduce

Filenames are: "0XX_S_" where 'XX' is the crimp ratio used, and 'S' the sample number Load value in [N] Strain value in [1E6] (Divide by 1E6 and multiply with 1E2 to arrive at percent strain) Eyy refers to the strain in the direction of testing (longitudinal direction) Exx refers to the direction transverse to testing


Materials Characterization