Supplementary material for hyperfine line positions and intensities

Published: 19 March 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/76n87gbrtc.2


Description of the supplementary materials for "Hyperfine components of rovibrational dipole transitions in HT and DT" by H. Jóźwiak, H. Cybulski, P. Wcisło The list of all hyperfine components of all rovibrational dipole transitions in the HT and DT molecules are given in the and files, respectively. These .zip archives contain 361 and 576 Linelist-branch-v’-v.dat files, respectively. Label branch corresponds to P or R and v and v’ denote the initial and final vibrational quantum numbers, which describe the vibrational band. Each file contains a list of all rotational quadrupole lines, written in the manner described in Sec. 4. We remind that the transition frequency of the rovibrational transition (as well as its uncertainty) is obtained from the H2Spectre code of Czachorowski et al. [46] and Komasa et al. [22]. UPDATE, version 2: we corrected errors in the dataset for the HT molecule (the intensity of each rovibrational transition was set to 1). We also reduced the number of significant digits for the intensities and transition moments (see the discussion about the estimated uncertainty of our results in Sec. 4).



Molecular Spectroscopy, Hyperfine Structure