Methonotrophic Biomass Quant BUP part2

Published: 14-04-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/76v7mnmyr3.1
Simon Gregersen


Raw LC-MS/MS data and MaxQuant output files (txt folder) from quantitative bottom-up proteomics analysis of the fermeted biomass from methanotrophic bacteria described in the manuscript "Emulsifier peptides derived from seaweed, methanotrophic bacteria, and potato proteins identified by quantitative proteomics and bioinformatics". The biomass was pre-fractionated by SDS-PAGE and subsequently in-gel digested as described in M&M. This is the second part of the dataset for the manuscript. The former set can be found in "Gregersen, Simon (2021), “Methonotrophic Biomass Quant BUP”, Mendeley Data, V1", doi: 10.17632/g45gbw5r7n.1