Published: 04-08-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/76zpnj99cz.1
Daniel Buttner


The data presented here is extracted from a large database currently being conceived and collated by the authors. The data was separated to enable management during analysis more efficient. The data is differentiated based on two criteria: (1) the assay used, and (2) species-level comparative extracts (e.g. differing flower periods limit a inclusive extract composite between species for analysis). The data is described here as raw values of replicates and was analyzed in RStudio using a series of from ggplot2, car, dyplr and others. This data was used to formulate the graphics presented and discussed in Buttner_et_al_(2020)_Diabetes_therapeutic_potential_Invasive_Acacias_manuscript. Data format is common-separated values (.csv) for computation efficiency when reading datasets into statistical tools such as R.