Data on work-related consequences of COVID-19 pandemic for employees across Europe

Published: 23-07-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/77dcsp2vcw.2
Jakub Prochazka,
Tabea Scheel,
Petr Pirozek,
Tomas Kratochvil,
Cristina Civilotti,
Martina Bollo,
daniela acquadro maran


This dataset include data that may be used to describe how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the work of employees in four European countries and how it influenced their job attitudes, feelings and work performance. In total, 726 respondents from Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy filled out an online survey in May and first days of June 2020. They provided information about their actual work performance, change in work performance, organizational commitment, change in organizational commitment, job satisfaction, intention to leave, irritation, servant leadership (of their supervisor), perceived organizational support, social support provided by colleagues, occupational self-efficacy, resilience, job crafting and readiness for change.