Monte-Carlo-based critical values

Published: 17-01-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/77sfpx9b74.1
Vinicius Rofatto


We provide a Monte-Carlo-based critical values for the following signifiance levels: α′= 0.001, α′= 0.01, α′= 0.05, α′= 0.1 and α′= 0.5. The number of the observations (n) were fixed for each α ′with n = 5 to n= 100 by a increment of 5. For each "n" the correlation between the w-tests (ρwi,wj) were also fixed from ρwi,wj = 0.00 to ρwi,wj = 1.00, by increment of 0.1, considering also taking into account the correlation ρwi,wj = 0.999. For each combination of α′,"n" and ρwi,wj, m= 5,000,000 Monte Carlo experiments were run.