Bayesian Force Inference package for Matlab

Published: 26 October 2021| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/78ng4tmj75.4
raphael clement


This package allows the user to perform 2D Bayesian Force Inference in Matlab Reference: Experimental validation of force inference in epithelia from cell to tissue scale W. Kong, O. Loison, P. Shivakumar, E.H. Chan, M. Saadaoui, C. Collinet, P.-F. Lenne, R. Clément Scientific Reports, 2019


Steps to reproduce

- 'Bayesian_Inference_SE' is the test inference function for simulated data from Surface Evolver - 'Bayesian_Inference_TA' is the main inference function for experimental data - 'Sample_wksp' files contain sample simulated and experimental data Experimental images should ideally be segmented using Tissue Analyzer to avoid tedious reorganization of segmented data. Tissue Analyser is a segmentation plugin for FIJI developed by B. Aigouy. To perform sparse matrix QR decomposition, this package uses SuiteSparse function 'spqr' ( If SuiteSparse is not installed, this package uses the default Matlab 'qr' function (slower) All subfunctions should be added to the Matlab path.


Developmental Biology, Biophysics, Bayesian Inference, Morphogenesis