Research Data: Coupling daylighting and energy evaluations at different climate regions

Published: 4 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/794j77yz6h.1
Doris Chi Pool


This repository contains the 3D models of the case study used for the analyses carried out in the investigation. The case study consisted of a residential space with a window placed at the centre of the single external wall to provide outside views. Different design characteristics of a room space are assessed: 10 Window-to-Wall-Ratios, four cardinal orientations, a shallow and a deep room, and three climate regions (arid, dry tropic, and temperate). Coupled daylighting and energy simulations were run with DIVA-for-Grasshopper, a Radiance based software, and EnergyPlus. This repository also contains the *.xlsx file that reports the simulation results of the 240 design options, derived from the combination of the mentioned design variables. Daylighting metrics (non-daylit, fully daylit, partially daylit, and over lit areas), solar gains, and energy indicators (total energy use: lighting + cooling + heating) are available at the spreadsheet. This original dataset was used to perform statistical analyses with the following objectives: a) find strong relationships among all variables studied, b) determine the best way to group and report the information, c) propose design guidelines to balance daylight with energy, and d) derive specific illuminance targets according to the climatic conditions. From the statistical analysis, the main findings to interpret the dataset: - Optimal cases are highlighted with yellow shadows - Outliers are depicted in cursive red numbers. - Worst-case scenarios are emphasized in bold red numbers (please refer to the 'run' column). These are the cases that meet at least one of the following scenarios: a) an over lit area of 100%, b) a non-daylit area higher than 50%, c) the highest cooling energy use, and d) the highest TAE result.



Universidad de las Americas Puebla


Climate, Architectural Design, Energy Use in Building, Daylighting