Data for: Eocene crustal thickening in the Tethyan Himalaya: insights from Barrovian metamorphism and granite geochemistry from the Ramba area

Published: 9 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/795tx3b5f8.1
Shuai Shi,


Seven supplemental tables are including with this manuscript. Table S1: Summary of sample locations of granite and micaschist from the Ramba area; Table S2: Summary of LA‒ICP‒MS zircon standards U‒Pb data; Table S3: Summary of LA‒ICP‒MS monazite standards U‒(Th)‒Pb data; Table S4: Major and trace element compositions of granite from the Ramba area and similar rocks from the region; Table S5: LA‒ICP‒MS zircon U‒Pb isotopic data of the granite dykes from the Ramba area; Table S6: LA‒ICP‒MS monazite U‒(Th)‒Pb isotopic data of micaschists from the Ramba area; Table S7: Summary of monazite trace elemental data of the micaschist from the Ramba dome.



Geochemistry, Chronology