Data In Brief Work-Family Conflict (WFC)

Published: 24 June 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/79d8z5b7w3.1


The survey data collection currently draws as many as 1063 medical representatives in Indonesia. The data collection technique used purposive sampling like have married, and have children under 21 years old living together, by asking questions via a google form. Regression statistics are used to see the relationship between the factors that influence work-family conflict in medical representatives. Characteristics of respondents such as gender, age, length of work, age of children living together, spouse's occupation, education level and working hours which will be seen the correlation with work-family conflict. Furthermore, open questionnaires about work conflicts that disrupt the family and family conflicts that disturb medical representatives to show what problems are often encountered at work and family..


Steps to reproduce

This work-family conflict research on medical representatives that I did, occurred during the covid-19 pandemic. requires extraordinary effort to retrieve data via google form on 1063 medical representatives located in the three largest capitals on the island of Java, because almost 60% of Indonesia's population lives on the island of Java. It is hoped that data collection in the three largest capitals can represent work-family conflicts among medical representatives in Indonesia. Only medical representatives who have the characteristics of being married and having children under 21 years of age are taken. The reason is that married individuals have a higher work-family conflict than those who are not married. Moreover, individuals who already have children also have a higher WFC than those who do not have children. Data collection was done by asking for help from colleagues from the pharmacy group and they were also asked to distribute the google form to other colleagues who still have relationships with the pharmaceutical world, especially medical representatives. Data collection was carried out for one month in December 2020. This data can help other researchers who want to compare work-family conflict on medical representatives in Indonesia and abroad. can also help the WFC medical representative researchers in Indonesia by comparing with other islands besides Java. can also help research work-family conflict in medical representatives compared to post-pandemic. I hope this helps.


Surabaya University - UBAYA Tenggilis Campus


Industrial Psychology