Published: 16-03-2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/7b4xkpx43b.2
Matthew K. Borg,
Craig White,
Stephen M. Longshaw,
Srinivasa B. Ramisetti,
Jun Zhang,
Benzi John,
Thomas J. Scanlon,
Duncan A. Lockerby,
David R. Emerson,
Jason M. Reese


This dataset contains the package OPENFOAM-2.4.0-MNF-1.0.1, which is referenced in the following CPC Feature Articles: dsmcFoam+: An OpenFOAM based direct simulation Monte Carlo solver - mdFoam+ : Advanced molecular dynamics in OpenFOAM - NOTE: this version of the dataset corrects an error which occurred when extracting the previous version of the program files archive.