The raw dataset of physical and chemical properties of Krishnagiri district soil

Published: 28 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7bk36mh3tc.1
Sathiyamurthi Subbarayan, M Sivasakthi


One hundred twenty-five soil samples were collected from the study area of Krishnagiri district. Using standard procedures, the soil samples were analyzed for pH, EC, texture, SOC, and available NPK. This data is further converted as a shape layer file from a CSV file. All the soil parameters are converted into layers and generated as a thematic map by the kriging method.


Steps to reproduce

The location of soil samples is given in the CSV file. The soil samples were collected at 0-15 cm depth. The collected soil samples were analyzed for pH (pH meter), EC (conductivity bridge method), texture (International pipette method), SOC (wet oxidation method), available N (alkaline permanganate method), available P (Olsen and Bray-1 method), and available K (normal neutral ammonium acetate method). This data was used to generate a thematic map using ArcGIS software.


Annamalai University Faculty of Agriculture


Soil, Agricultural Soil Science