Cohesion and Initial Porosity of Granular Fault Gouges

Published: 11 May 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/7c3dcj7spw.2
Nathalie Casas,


This data set was used for the paper: "Cohesion and Initial Porosity of Granular Fault Gouges control the Breakdown Energy and the Friction Law at the Onset of Sliding" from N. Casas *, G. Mollon, and A. Daouadji submitted for publication in Jour. Geoph. Res.: Solid Earth. It contains the two softwares used Packing2D (for sample generation) and MELODY2D (for direct shear experiments) (but part of the code contains matlab files, so Matlab is also needed to run experiments, or at least sample generation and preprocessing step). This repository also contains initial files to run every experiments (no matlab needed) and some dataset obained (displacement, forces, energies...)


Steps to reproduce

1- Generation of a sample with Packing 2D (Packing_user_guide) 2- Preproccessing step with MELODY (MELODY user-guide) 3- Sample initial compaction with MELODY2D (user_guide + boundary conditions described in Supporting_info but without slip velocity) 4- Direct shear experiment With MELODY2D (user_guide+input data in supporting informations)


Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon


Geophysics, Mechanics, Granular Material, Tribology, Discrete Element Method