Published: 30 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7c3xgt4gdj.1
yue cao


This is the data for the manuscript entitled "Identifying critical eco-innovation practices in circular supply chain management: Evidence from the textile and clothing industry"


Steps to reproduce

Identify the decision objectives and the factors that influence the system objectives. The study initially screened out the aspects and criteria used to measure EI on the basis of a relatively comprehensive review of prior research results published on the subject. Those with the same meaning were merged, and those that did not satisfy the research background were removed. Following the comprehensive review of previous studies, a set of aspects and criteria were identified and clustered. Then, the availability of the preliminary aspects and criteria framework was adjusted and improved through interviews with 15 experienced experts to determine the final version of aspects and criteria. Then, request an expert linguistic assessment of the impact relationship between the criteria.


Environmental Supply Chain Management, Circular Economy