Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX)

Published: 23 November 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/7chdr568x7.2
Essam Houssein,
Mahmoud Dirar,
Kashif Hussain ,
Waleed M. Mohamed


This study is based on the historical data for some of the indicators on the Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX), in order to build a prediction model with high accuracy. Data used in this study are purchased from Egypt for Information Dissemination (EGID) which is a Governmental organization that provides data for EGX. The data contain six stock market indices; for example, EGX-30 index local currency is used for interest estimates and denominated in US dollars. It measures top 30 firms in liquidity and activity. The second index used in this study is EGX-30- Capped which is designed to track performance of the most traded companies in accordance with the rules set for mutual funds. The third index is EGX-70 which aims at providing wider tools for investors to monitor market performance. EGX-100 index as a forth dataset evaluates performance of the 100 active firms, including 30 of EGX-30 index as well as 70 of EGX-70 index. NIlE index avoids concentration on one industry and therefore has a good representation of various industries/sectors in the economy, and the index is weighted by market capitalization and adjusted by free float. The last index is EGX-50-EWI which tracks top 50 companies in terms of liquidity and activity. The index is designed to balance the impact of price changes among the constituents of the index as they will have a fixed weight of 2% at each quarterly review.