Ergonomics/Human Factors in agricultural sectors

Published: 11 April 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7d7vdryf4x.1
Vu Ngo


To get a better understanding of the use of ergonomics/human factors in agricultural sectors, we may utilize the primary contents of journal and conference papers to identify trends, key topics and practical concepts. The abstract of an article includes principle information that summarizes the article's content. Thus, in this paper, relevant abstracts of academic publications are used as inputs for text mining techniques. Firstly, we have restricted our analysis only to Scopus databases for the current study and use API provided by Elsevier to extracts data from the database (see We determined the most relevant keywords and use it as input for the API search using python code as “ergonomics AND agriculture” and “human factors AND agriculture”. As a result, we found 3591 relevant publications from journals and conferences which published between 1973 and 2021. Next, using another round of processing, we extracted abstracts from these publications from their online publishing websites. Secondly, to guarantee that data is relevant for the systematic literature review, it is critical to define the inclusion and exclusion criteria. We scanned to define incompleted dowloaded abstract from the raw data. The present analysis considered research publications solely if they gave insight into how ergonomics/human factors has aided in the resolution of agricultural issues and concerns. Any work published in a language other than English was likewise omitted from the current research. Consequently, from nearly 3200 publications, after appllying these exclusion criteria, the final 2887 abstracts were used in text mining processes.



Ergonomics, Agriculture Industry