Problems And Prospects Of Primary Health Care A Case Study Of Odo-owa Oke-Ero Local Government Kwara State

Published: 17 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7d8jcc5b97.1
Abiola Fabunmi


The research topic "Problems and prospects of primary health care: a case study of Odo-owa oke Ero local Government Kwara state" suggests an investigation into the challenges and potential opportunities within the primary healthcare system in the specified region of Odo-owa oke Ero Local Government in Kwara State. This research likely aims to shed light on the existing issues faced by the local primary health care system while also exploring potential pathways for improvement. The study might involve gathering and analyzing data related to healthcare service delivery, accessibility, quality of care, healthcare infrastructure, healthcare policies, and the overall health status of the community. By examining these aspects, the research could identify the barriers that hinder effective primary healthcare delivery, such as resource limitations, infrastructure deficiencies, healthcare workforce challenges, or socio-economic factors. On the prospects side, the research might aim to identify strategies and solutions that can enhance the primary healthcare system in Odo-owa oke Ero Local Government. This could involve proposing policy recommendations, suggesting improvements in healthcare infrastructure, exploring community engagement approaches, or considering technological advancements that could bolster healthcare delivery and outcomes. In essence, this research would contribute valuable insights to the field of public health, healthcare management, and policy-making by offering a detailed understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the primary healthcare system in the specified region, ultimately aiming to improve the overall health and well-being of the community.



Public Health, Healthcare Research, Community Health Service