classification of opinions in ideological debates on facebook in the thematic of legalization of abortion in Brazil in Portuguese

Published: 14 November 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/7dj2khv4rf.2
Nator junior Carvalho da Costa, Aratã Andrade Saraiva, Jeferson do nascimento Soares, Francisco Assis Ricarte Neto, Jose Vigno Moura Sousa, Domingos Bruno Sousa Santos, Francisco das Chagas Fontenele Marques Júnior, Renato Conceição nascimento


The dataset contains 10 thousand opinions of ideological debates taken from public pages on facebook, all the comments are in Portuguese of Brazil, but only 500 classified. the classes used for classification, are FAITH, AGAINST, NEUTRAL, JUSTICE of abortion. for each opnion were defined 3 classifications being considered only the "FAVOR, CONTRA, NEUTO, SKIP".


Steps to reproduce

The data are divided into three files, opinion: where the collected opinions are found. Classification: where one meets the classification of each opinion. Class: where the ID of the labeled classes is found.


Universidade Estadual do Piaui - Campus Piripiri


Data Science, Sentiment Analysis