Instance extensions for the CMLLSP

Published: 5 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7f8c3v79w5.1
Margaretha Gansterer, Patrick Födermayr, Richard F Hartl


Cloud Manufacturing is an emerging concept that enables the orchestration, matching, and sharing of services or resources among collaboration partners or intra-plant facilities. In this context, we introduce the capacitated multi-level lot sizing problem with transshipments and set up carry-over. We consider components that can only be produced by one specific agent as well as components, that can be provided by more than one producer. Since capacities are limited, agents might have to share resources and cover required demands jointly. In this case, finished components are trans- shipped between agents. As an agent can be in charge of producing more than one component, we include the concept of set up carry-over into our modeling. We address a centralized planning approach, where the objective is to find a globally optimized lot sizing plan for all participating agents. Thus, we cover both horizontal and vertical collaboration between agents. The new prob- lem class is formulated mathematically. The used dataset extends publicly available instances ( and provides production capacities for 2 (first block) and 5 (second block) agents.



Universitat Wien, Alpen-Adria-Universitat Klagenfurt


Combinatorial Optimization