Simultaneous quantification of Hg (II) and Pb (II) by square wave anodic stripping voltammetry using Bi/graphite electrode

Published: 30 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7gd6743trm.1
Juan Alejandro Clavijo Morales, Hugo Ricardo Zea Ramirez


These data show the cyclic voltammograms (CV) of a Bi/graphite electrode synthesized with different conditions (Bi (III) concentration and deposition time (s)) in order to evaluate the best conditions by means of a Design of Experiments (DOE). The performance of this electrode was tested by means of a series of Square Wave Anodic Stripping Voltammetry (SWASV) at different concentrations of Hg (II) and Pb (II), where the linear relationship between the concentration of these heavy metals and the current measured in uA was demonstrated. In conclusion, an excellent performance of the synthesized electrode was demonstrated in terms of selectivity and sensitivity, achieving detection limits of 1 ppb and 10 ppb for Hg (II) and Pb (II), respectively.


Steps to reproduce

Cyclic voltammetry (CV) was obtained with DropView 8400 software under the conditions mentioned in the article (Materials and methods section). The Square Wave Anodic Stripping Voltammetry (SWASV) was first obtained in DropView 8400 software, then processed in Origin Pro software where a baseline was applied, and finally, a deconvolution of the current signals was performed with the model mentioned in the Materials and methods section.


Universidad Nacional de Colombia


Environmental Technology