Velostat Development Kit

Published: 20 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7h4rd77gx5.1
, abdelakram hafid,


Welcome to the Velostat Development Kit (VDK) repository! This repository contains all the necessary components for the VDK, my Master's thesis. It is organized into several directories, each serving a specific purpose in the project development and implementation.


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1. Documentation The documentation directory holds comprehensive and in-depth documentation related to the Project Name. It includes the following subdirectories and files: vdk_demo.mp4: This video shows the operation of the VDK. vdk_literature.pdf: This document presents the literature review done prior to the start of this project. vdk_presentation: This presentation was used during my thesis defence. vdk_thesis: This document reports on my findings, implications and future work of the Velostat Development Kit in the form of a thesis. 2. Hardware The hardware directory is dedicated to all things related to the hardware aspect of the Project Name. It includes: velostat: This directory contains the Arduino code that runs on the hardware component of the project. It's where you'll find the firmware responsible for controlling and interacting with the connected hardware devices. pcb_design: Here, you'll find all the design files necessary for the project's printed circuit board (PCB). This could include schematic diagrams, PCB layout files, BOM, and any associated documentation. 3. Web The web directory holds the frontend part of the Project Name, developed using the Svelte framework. It includes: src: This directory contains the source code of the Svelte project. It's where you'll find all the components, styles, and logic that make up the web interface. public: Here, you'll find static assets like images, fonts, and any other files that should be served publicly. This file (you're reading it right now!) could contain specific instructions for setting up the development environment, building the Svelte project, and deploying the frontend. 4. images The "images" directory is a collection of images showcasing the finished project. These images provide a visual representation of the project's appearance, functionality, and overall design. Feel free to browse through the images to get an idea of what the project looks like in action. Getting Started If you're new to this project, here's how you can get started: Documentation: Browse through the documentation directory to get an understanding of the project's purpose, its components, and how to use and contribute to it. Hardware: If you're working with the hardware aspect of the project, navigate to the hardware directory. The velostat directory contains the firmware code for the Arduino component, and the pcb_design directory holds the PCB design documents. You can order the PCB with the included Gerber file. All the components of the BOM are widely available Web: For frontend development using Svelte, head over to the web directory. The src directory houses the Svelte project source code. This folder is deployed to Netlify and can be accessed


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