Data for the project management, life cycle inventory, costings and energy production of a ground-mounted photovoltaic farm in Greece

Published: 22 May 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/7h9mdf5fvt.2
George Tsinarakis,
, Anastasia Pavlidou,


The data collected refer to the construction, costings, operation and environmental impacts of a photovoltaic farm and are provided in four separate Excel files with respect to their type and usage. Each file can be used separately for studying an individual topic or in combination with certain of the others to facilitate the study of more complex concepts. These four Excel files refer to the following dataset types: 1. Project Management Data 2. Life Cycle Ιnventory (LCI) 3. Electricity Generation Data 4. Operational Cost Data


Steps to reproduce

Data was collected from the civil construction company which developed and is operating the PV park utilizing communication devices and the financial documents.


Technical University of Crete, University of the Aegean Department of Financial and Management Engineering


Project Management, Sustainability, Photovoltaics, Construction Engineering, Project Cost-Duration Analysis, Electricity Production, Life Cycle Assessment, Environment Footprint, Renewable Energy, Energy Production