Dataset of Ligand-Controlled Synthesis of CsPbBr3 Nanoplatelets

Published: 15 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7hn8v6czkf.1
Junsang Cho


The data saved in the folder name of Figure2 are related to the photoluminescent emission spectra recorded after 365 nm excitation for cesium lead bromide nanoplatelets at ligand concentration of x = 1 with different ligand chain length from butylamine (C4) to oleylamine (C18) and at different ligand concentration of x =0.5 - 2 using fixed octylamine (C8) as a ligand. The data save in the folder name of Figure5 are related to the photoluminescent emission spectra recorded during the process of halide exchange using CsPbBr3 nanoplatelets as a parent starting compound with adding PbCl2 or PbI2 to control the bandgap.


Steps to reproduce

Photoluminescence (PL) emission n spectra were recorded with a Horiba PTI Quanta-Master series spectrofluorometer with a Xenon arc lamp as the light excitation source and a photomultiplier tube detector. The excitation wavelength of 360 nm was chosen to record the corresponding PL emission spectra.


Duksung Women's University


Inorganic Chemistry