DEM models of UAV LiDAR automated point cloud classification from the DJI Zenmuse L1 sensor on the cliff coast.

Published: 27 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7jjr7mbvc4.1
Jakub Śledziowski, Pawel Terefenko


A point cloud in LAS format performed in January 2023 using a DJI Matrice 300 with a Zenmuse L1 sensor was automatically classified to determine ground level using various algorithms in programs: Agisoft Metashape, LAStools, Global Mapper, CloudCompare and using Python scripts. The best models from each method are included in this repository in the "DEM files" folder. All models are in EPSG:2176 projection and at 10 cm/pix resolution. They were cropped to a mask and scaled from ellipsoidal height using QGIS software. These data are the result of comparison of automatic classification methods from the indicated software. They can be used for further analysis related to the coastal zone or the study of cliffs on the western coast of the southern Baltic Sea.



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Remote Sensing, Application Software


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