Modelling Sustainability in Cyber-Physical Systems: A Systematic Mapping Study

Published: 16 February 2023| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/7jyhrpb478.4
, Jácome Cunha,
, Ana Moreira, JOÃO ARAUJO, Moharram Challenger, Dušan Savić, Vasco Amaral


Supporting sustainability through modelling and analysis has become an active area of research in Software Engineering. Therefore, it is important and timely to survey the current state of the art in sustainability in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), which is one of the most actively developing classes of complex software systems. This dataset presents the results of a Systematic Mapping Study (SMS) aiming at identifying the relevant primary studies reporting on CPS modelling approaches addressing sustainability over the last 10 years. Our literature search yielded 2209 papers, of which 104 primary studies were deemed relevant for a detailed characterisation from the perspective of nine research questions, to extract information about sustainability attributes, methods, models/meta-models, metrics, processes and tools used to improve the sustainability of CPS. These questions also aimed at collecting data about domain-specific modelling approaches and application domains. The results of this characterization can be found in this dataset. This dataset also includes all the papers that were retrieved from the searches from the different libraries and were not included in the SLR.



Software, Sustainability, Cyber-Physical System, Model-Driven Engineering