Some Reflection on Creativity in Management Education

Published: 22 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7kcgj2nx54.1
padmakar Shahare


Management Institutes are the most important educational institutes, which deals primarily with the degrees in Master in Business Administration. The demand for good Management Institutes in India has risen with the rise in popularity of the MBA degree in both Government as well as private sector of India. The basic purpose of any Management Institutes is to impart the business aptitude and skill that ensure better professional, skill development for employability. Creativity is a key competency skill sought after by many employers. And yet, one of the major criticisms of management institutes relates to its lack of programs that promote creative and innovative thinking. This could be compounded by the fact that a large number of Management programs are currently offered. Consequently, the issue of whether Management Education smothers or enhances students’ creativity is brought to the forefront. The Management curriculum as contain from last two decades, not only water has flown through the river; but even they have changed their course during this period. So Management educational ethos, cultural and ethical values the economic thinking all have undergone some dramatic changes in the last couple of decades. As such the changes in this crucible are bound to have its profound impact on the fabric of Management Education and industrial expectations. Viewed from this perspective the present study is sure to present some new insights into Management Education which can help the policy makers to reappraise and put creativity in the branch of the MBA curriculum to the settings of the contemporary society and bring it in tune with the requirement of the modern industrial expectations which driven economy of our country. Also the outcome of present research paper is expected to assist academicians like, teachers and students as it will help them in understanding the creativity in Management curriculum in the context of the contemporary local and global economic scenario. This paper consist of six parts first part contents Introduction, second part is Meaning of Creativity, third part is need of the Creativity in Management Education, forth part is Creativity in Management program, fifth part is Creative Teaching and sixth part contents Conclusion & Suggestions Keywords: Creativity, Innovative thinking, Management, Education, Institutes, Industrial expectations etc



Creativity in Education, Management Education, Expectations