Acceptance and Risk Perception in Earthquake Awareness: A Qualitative Research Based on Focus Group Interviews in Istanbul Sample

Published: 14 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7kdrmxgrkr.1
, Betül Yüncüoğlu,


Due to its geographical location, Türkiye is located on many underground layer fracture lines, therefore it is a country with a very high earthquake risk and has experienced many destructive earthquakes. Geoscience experts have announced that they expect a severe earthquake in Istanbul, in near future. Istanbul is Turkey's largest city in terms of population, economic and social/cultural diversity so a major earthquake poses a great risk for Istanbul. It has great importance to have an understanding of the level of acceptance and perception of the existence of a disaster risk among Istanbulites. For this purpose, TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye) made a call for earthquake research and this study is supported as a multi-dimensional research for that call. This research was produced from the data obtained from focus group interviews for Istanbul sample. In the main findings obtained from 10 focus groups, each consisting of 8 participants, the words expressed for risk are; fear, anxiety, negativity and danger. It is observed that the first risk factor that comes to mind for Istanbul is earthquake but there is not enough preparedness. Reasons for not taking precautions; financial inadequacies, the belief that the measures taken will not work, postponing, forgetting and seeing the action of taking precautions are bad for psychology are the reasons. According to 10 focus groups, the most reliable people are earthquake experts and the biggest concern about its consequences are children, loved ones and being dependent on others. Key Words: Istanbul, earthquake, risk communication, risk perception, focus group.



Istanbul Universitesi Iletisim Fakultesi


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