Homogenized elasticity tensor database of periodic composites with microarchitectures displaying symmetric topologies

Published: 15 May 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/7kgf9xnrhb.2


A database containing homogenized plane elasticity tensors that correspond to periodic biphasic composites with parameterized microstructure is stored in this DataSet. The code used to build this database is also included in the DataSet. Details of the database construction have been described in the papers "Material design of elastic structures using Voronoi cells", J.M. Podestá et. al, "Symmetry considerations for topology design in the elastic inverse homogenization problem", J.M. Podestá et. al and "Making use of Symmetries in the 3D Elastic Inverse Homogenization Problem", C.G. Méndez et. al. In those papers, this database is used as a tool for the microarchitecture topology design of elastic metamaterials. The relevant theory and formulation supporting the information stored in the database have been described in the referenced articles. The users of the present DataSet are addressed to the mentioned papers for consulting additional details. Uploaded file descriptions: a) "Readme.pdf" gives additional explanations about the content of the present database as well as a very brief description of the underlying theory. b) "DatabaseGenerationCode.zip" contains the MatLab source code to build the database of the homogenized elastic tensors, using different micro-cell parameters (such as it is described in "Readme.pdf" document and in the referenced articles). Also, in the scripts of the source codes, there are several options to change the obtained results, such as the 2D mechanical hypothesis (Plane Stress or Plane Strain), the FE mesh size or the kind of geometric vertex finalization. c) "HomogenizedElasticTensorDatabase(PlaneStress).zip" contains the database of the computed homogenized elastic tensors (using Plane Stress condition) in different directories and files which are related to different parameters defining topology pattern. The homogenized tensors are stored in Mat-Files which can be loaded and analyzed with the MatLab software. Each directory stores the Mat-Files corresponding to elastic tensors for the same geometry shape (parallel bars with and without entrance). Each Mat-File corresponds to the elastic tensors for a given volume fraction of the micro-cell. Inside of each Mat-File is stored the elastic tensors for a given set of reduced parameters defining the Bravais lattice. d) "SearchDatabaseAlgorithm.zip" contains the MatLab source code of the algorithm which performs the search of the closer homogenized elastic tensor, stored in the database “HomogenizedElasticTensorDatabase(PlaneStress).zip”, to a target effective elasticity tensor.


Steps to reproduce

See Readme.pdf.


Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas


Microstructure, Multi-Scale Modeling, Metamaterials, Materials Design, Topology Optimization