Questionnaire used in human-AI co-learning experiment

Published: 21-06-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7ksfjgsgb2.1
Tjeerd Schoonderwoerd


This questionnaire was used during an experiment in co-learning between humans and AI-systems. In the experiment, a human participant collaborated with a robot in a simulated urban-search-and-rescue task. We designed sequences of interactions intended to facilitate co-learning between the two team members. We call these Learning Design Patterns (LDPs). Half of the participant-group (control) performed two runs of the task without intervention of LDPs, while the experimental group performed two LDPs successively after the first task run. The goal of the experiment was to empirically investigate the effects of the LDPs on learning task-critical knowledge, team situational awareness, and on team performance. The questionnaire consists of three parts: questions asked after each run (both groups), and questions asked after each LDP (experimental group only).