DEIXE SEU LIKE! O Engajamento nas Publicações com Digital Influencers no Instagram das DMOs Brasileiras

Published: 27 March 2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/7kzpn3bsb3.3
Maria Raquel Avelino,


In a scenario of expanding competition between tourist destinations, DMOs face the challenge of positioning them attractively. To this end, these organizations can make use of various communication marketing strategies, including social media, platforms whose effectiveness is measured through engagement. From these channels originate the digital influencers, which in recent years have gained greater academic and marketing prominence. Given this theoretical foundation, this research aimed to measure the degree of engagement in publications with digital influencers on Instagram of Brazilian DMOs, with time frame between December / 17 and December / 18. To achieve the necessary results for the proposed problem, the data mining technique was used in a sample of 11 Instagram profiles from Brazilian state DMOs, selected after a filtering process. The collected data were treated from a quantitative descriptive approach, having as parameter three main indicators, as follows: (1) total publications, (2) likes and (3) comments. All these indices were defined after consulting the engagement literature. In addition, a T Test was done between paired samples to verify if there was a significative difference on the means. In general, the results indicated that posts with digital influencers have better results, given the proposed time frame, especially when compared with the indexes of general posts. However, inferential statistics indicated that the differences between means were not relevant. In such a way, the strategy of endorsement by influencers does not seem to produce relevant effects on user interaction in the profiles of Brazilian DMOs.The innovative character of this research stems from the use of the data mining technique to deliver accurate results as to the effectiveness of a rising social media strategy, providing managers with a solid framework for analysis and fostering the field of discussion.



Universidade Federal de Pernambuco


Marketing, Data Mining, Digital Community, Digital Communication, Instagram